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    Save up to a remarkable 50% on your favorite supplements with exclusive club prices, loyalty points, and special offers!

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    Reach Your Health Goals

    Our mobile application will assist you in tracking your progress towards your health goals and providing daily motivation

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    Simplify Your Supplement Routine

    Enjoy one-click ordering, easy reordering, timely supplement reminders, delivery tracking, and more

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  • How to Earn VitaPoints
    1 VitaPoint = $1

    Get cashback rewards with each order above $20

    Be rewarded for regular supplements intakes in Vitaliv Club App

    Earn 1 VitaPoint per week by tracking your regular supplement intake within our Vitaliv Club Mobile App. See about the benefits of Vitaliv Club Mobile App

  • How to Use Your VitaPoints

    Redeem your VitaPoints and save up to 40% of your order amount

    It's a fantastic way to make your purchases even more affordable.

    Please note that VitaPoints can only be used for payment within the Vitaliv Club App.
    See about the application

Extra Boost Your Saving with Vitaliv Club Features

  • Basic Membership

    Timeless Benefits

    • icon Enjoy a 3% cashback on every purchase
    • icon Gain free access to our Vitaliv Club App

    How to get it: As our valued client, you automatically receive a Basic membership in the club with your first order

  • Premium Membership

    Valid for One Year and Easy Renewable

    • icon 30% lower price on any order regardless of the purchase amount
    • icon Increased 5% cashback on each purchase, maximizing your savings

    How to get it: Obtain a premium membership by either purchasing it for $49 or by buying any supplements totaling over $100


Please note that premium membership can only be utilized within the Vitaliv Club App

Vitaliv Club App —
Your Health

Vitaliv Club App —
Your Health Companion

  • Shop with Ease

    • Enjoy the convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere, with easy ordering
    • Unlock savings by utilizing your VitaPoints
    • Maximize benefits with the Premium club membership
  • Track Your Supplement Intake

    • Experience the benefits of regular supplement intake for steady progress towards your health goals
    • Visualize and monitor your health goals
    • Never miss a dose again with our iOS and Android widget directly on your screen, without annoying notifications
    • Earn additional points for consistent supplements intake
    • Conveniently track stock levels and reorder with a single click
    • Our supplement tracker is compatible with both Vitaliv products and third-party supplements
    • Get insightful reports on your intake frequency for each product and health goal

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