The Hidden Source of Exercise-Related Joint Discomfort

Do you find yourself grappling with joint pain during your workouts?

Are you tired of enduring post-exercise discomfort that hampers your progress?

The underlying culprit behind your discomfort woes may very well be inflammation.

After intense physical activity, your body responds with inflammation as part of its natural healing process.

While inflammation is necessary for repairing micro-tears in your muscles and promoting growth, excessive or prolonged inflammation can have detrimental effects on your joints, leading to discomfort and pain. Or worse…

It can inflict damage and trauma upon your joints, holding you back from performing at your best and transforming exercise into an uncomfortable, if not painful, experience.

That's why reducing inflammation levels with post-workout recovery is crucial for athletes and active individuals.

Don’t let a set-back steal all of the gains that you’ve already achieved. Keeping you from exercising and doing what you love on your terms.


Failure to Address Inflammation Can Leave You Vulnerable To:

  • Persistent Joint Discomfort:

    Without proper recovery and inflammation control, joint discomfort can persist long after your workouts. The ongoing inflammation can result in chronic pain, making it difficult to workout again without discomfort or limitations.

  • Increased Risk of Injuries:

    Insufficient post-workout recovery and uncontrolled inflammation elevate the risk of injuries. Fatigue, weakened tissues, and compromised joint stability can make you more susceptible to strains, sprains, and other exercise-related injuries, which could set you back for weeks or even months. Losing all of the gains you’ve made so far..

  • Impaired Performance and Progress:

    Heightened inflammation can impair your athletic performance and hinder your progress. It can limit your range of motion, decrease strength and endurance, and negatively impact your overall fitness capabilities. This can hamper your ability to achieve your desired fitness goals and reach new levels of performance.

  • Long-Term Joint Complications:

    If left unaddressed, chronic inflammation in the joints can lead to long-term joint complications. It can contribute to the development of conditions like osteoarthritis, causing ongoing pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility.

Other effects of inflammation may include:

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    Suppression of the immune system

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    Disrupted sleep patterns

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    Loss of movement in one or more joints

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    Muscle soreness

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    Stiffness, especially first thing in the morning and after periods of inactivity

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    Fatigue and reduced energy levels...

STOP Inflammation in Its Tracks Before it Gets in Your Way

Keep scrolling to see how our natural approach can help you!

Meet Turmeric X39 with Curcugen®:

Curcugen®, a groundbreaking whole turmeric, scientifically demonstrates the remarkable ability to enhance the absorption of curcuminoids, the active compounds found in turmeric. With its superior bioavailability, Curcugen® provides exceptional joint and muscle support, enabling faster recovery while alleviating discomfort caused by intense physical activity.

Turmeric X39 with Curcugen® is 39x times more potent compared to ordinary turmeric supplements, making it the ideal choice for enhanced recovery and reduced inflammation. So you can get back to performing at your personal best and living the life you want.

Turmeric X39: Enhancing Recovery & Reducing Inflammation


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Vitaliv crafts innovative, science-backed nutritional supplements. We expertly curate and formulate ingredients for maximum benefit and fantastic value

Doctor Endorsed!

I highly recommend Turmeric X39 with Curcugen for people who are looking to address joint pain, improve joint function, and promote overall joint health

Curcugen, a cutting-edge form of curcumin, is specifically designed for maximum bioavailability. In fact, Turmeric X39 with Curcugen boasts 39 times more absorption compared to standard curcumin supplements, making it an incredibly effective option for joint health support.

Scientific studies have shown that Curcugen can support joint health in multiple ways, including reducing inflammation, promoting cartilage health, and supporting the body's natural healing processes. Whether you're dealing with joint discomfort, looking to improve mobility, or simply seeking to maintain optimal joint health, Turmeric X39 with Curcugen can provide the support you need.

Kim Langdon, M.D.

Kim Langdon, M.D.


Whether you are looking to reduce your risk of chronic disease, interested in fighting cognitive decline, or searching for a way to resolve joint pain, Vitaliv Turmeric x39 is for you.

Curcugen®, the active ingredient in Vitaliv Turmeric x39, is a highly-dispersible, clinically-studied, whole curcuma longa extract, delivering 39-times MORE curcuminoids to the plasma.

Kristen Carli
Bachelor of Science
(BS), Dietetics

Kristen Carli | Bachelor of Science (BS), Dietetics


Experience the Benefits of Turmeric X39 with Every Workout

  • Reduced Inflammation:

    Turmeric X39 helps reduce inflammation and helps alleviate discomfort and swelling in the body. Packed with antioxidants, it fights against harmful free radicals that occur during intense physical activity. By lowering oxidative stress, Turmeric X39 supports faster recovery, reduces muscle fatigue, and improves overall muscle function, enabling you to perform at your best.

  • Gut Health Optimization:

    The active compounds in Turmeric X39, including curcuminoids, promote a healthy gut microbiome, supporting optimal nutrient absorption and digestion. A healthy gut translates to improved energy levels, better nutrient utilization, and reduced gastrointestinal discomfort, allowing you to focus on your performance without digestive distractions.

  • Boosted Immune System Function:

    Turmeric X39 has immune-modulating properties that strengthen your body's defense system. By promoting a balanced immune response, it helps protect against common illnesses and infections that can hinder your training consistency. A robust immune system means fewer disruptions to your training schedule and the ability to maintain peak performance.


Support Your Joints & Turbocharge Your Performance With

Revolutionary Turmeric x39

How Does 180-days Guarantee Work

We in Vitaliv are proud of our products and we are sure of their quality. That's why we are ready to provide a guarantee according to which you can get all the money that you spent on our products back, in case you don't see any positive improvements in your health after 180 days of taking our supplements.

How does it work?

Our policy is simple: If you are not 100% satisfied with a Vitaliv product after trying it for a period of 180 days, we will give you a full refund, shipping charges and Vitaliv Club cost excluded.

Why 180 days?

Because our products are made with 100% natural ingredients. That means you need to take them over a period of time before you can see results.

Why do we ask for empty packs in return?

It's actually the same reason as why our guarantee takes 180 days. In order to feel any improvement from taking our supplements, you should take them for a long period of time. Usually this period is between 3-6 months, but for some individuals it might take even longer.

What are the conditions of the guarantee?

The minimum length is 180 days and begins on the date of your order. A claim must be made within 30 days after the 180 day period has ended. All packs plus unused product must be returned to Vitaliv. Claims made before the end of the 180-day period and return packages containing less than a 6 month supply of packs will be evaluated on a case by case basis and may not be approved for a refund. Claims may not be made more than once for the same product. Shipping costs will not be refunded Vitaliv Club cost will not be refunded

How to take part in the guarantee program?

To make a claim email us at Package together all packs plus unused product. Send the package to Vitaliv at Postboks 2044, 2811 Hunndalen. Within 10 business days from receipt of your package, Vitaliv will credit your refund using your original payment method. A Refund Confirmation will be emailed to you. In case of any questions don't hesitate to contact our support team at

for 1 month supply

+180-days guarantee

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    in Norway

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    3-5 day
    US delivery

  • Helps relieve joint inflammation
  • Supports joint and bone health
  • Promotes strong, healthy cartilage
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Provides antioxidant support

Instant 100% 180-Day Money-back Guarantee

No quibbles. Feel Less Pain or just ALL YOUR MONEY back. No questions asked, get a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

This Is What Our Happy Customers Have To Say

  • ”This Stuff Is Amazing”

    Hey there, I'm Jess. And I just want to share my experience taking Turmeric X39 for a several weeks, because I'm really imressed with the results. I recently suffered from a minor injury doing very extreme forms of yoga that my body wasn't ready for and I was in a lot of pain. And I just trouble doing things that typically would come easy to me. But then I started taking Turmeric x39 and everything changed. Now I fell so much better.


  • “Lifesaving”

    Affter several weeks. I have to say I'm really impressed with the results. A while back I was in a car accident and it really took a toll on my joints. I was in a lot of pain and I was having trouble doing the things that used to come easily. But then I started taking Turmeric X39 and everything changed. Now I feel so much better.


Breakthrough in Turmeric Absorption: See the Proof Below!

Our patented technology used in Turmeric X39 allows for super dispersion of turmeric, which ensures maximum absorption in the intestines to get the full health benefits of turmeric.

Better absorption = Better results


  • Turmeric X39

    Turmeric Supplements


  • 39 Times More Potent




  • A Non-habit form




  • No stomach irritation




  • 180 Days Money Back Guarantee




  • Contains useful oleoreisins




  • Acting in weeks, not months




  • Effective without special diet





Satisfied Customers

TRy now risk free

More Effective Against Inflammation & Joint Pain

Clinically studied.

  • 39-times MORE Free Curcuminoids in the plasma

    compared to the most popular formula on the market, which contains 95% curcuminoids (known as C-95)

    Free curcuminoids are the key components of turmeric that are mostly responsible for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

    Taking Turmeric X39 increases the amount of free curcuminoids (the most beneficial ones) in your bloodstream, providing potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.


    In a recent 18-subject, cross-over pharmacokinetics study over 24 hours, Curcugen® was shown to enhance free curcuminoids bioavailability by 39 times compared to 95%-curcuminoids (known as C-95).

  • 52.5-times MORE Total Curcuminoids

    compared to C-95

    Total curcuminoids are a group of beneficial compounds found in turmeric commonly associated with overall joint health and wellness.

    When you have more total curcuminoids in your plasma, you can experience improved absorption and various health benefits such as reducing pain, swelling, and improving joint function.


    Studies have shown that Turmeric X39 is 52.5 times more bioavailable for total curcuminoids than C-95, ensuring maximum joint and inflammation relief.

What Else Does Science Say?

  • Anti-inflammatory effects of Curcumin Extract (Curcugen®) in an acute exercise model

    Curcugen® (the primary ingredient in Ultra Strength Turmeric) may provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic effects following acute exercise.

    See source
  • Efficacy of Curcumin Extract (Curcugen®) on gastrointestinal symptoms and intestinal microbiota

    The curcumin extract, Curcugen®, was associated with greater improvements in digestive complaints and anxiety levels in adults with self-reported digestive complaints.

    See source
  • Effects of a Curcumin Extract (Curcugen®) on Osteoarthritis Pain of the Knee

    Supplementation with a curcumin extract (Curcugen®) at a dose of 500 mg twice daily on adults with knee OA was associated with statistically-significant greater improvements in knee pain.

    See source
  • Safety Evaluation of Oleoresin-Based Turmeric Formulation

    Curcugen® is nonmutagenic and nongenotoxic and is not expected to cause adverse effects.

    See source

Success Stories

Here are some success stories from customers who use Turmeric X39

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    Alex L




    Makes me stronger

    Being an athlete, I've tried different supplements to help with my recovery and pain after workouts. But nothing has worked as well as Turmeric X39. It helps me recover faster and reduces the pain I feel after intense training. Now I can push myself harder without worrying about feeling too sore.

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    Lisa K




    My fitness routine

    After tough workouts, I used to struggle with muscle and joint discomfort, which slowed down my progress. But with Turmeric X39, I've noticed a big difference. It helps reduce the pain and speeds up my recovery time. Now I can get back to training sooner and keep working towards my fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of results can I expect from Vitaliv Turmeric x39?
Helps fight joint inflammation and pain

Turmeric inside Vitaliv Turmeric X39 are world-class and science-backed anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent. It have been used for thousands of years to alleviate joint inflammation - arthritis and especially osteoarthritis.

Supports joint and cartilage health

Curcugen increase blood flow to your joints, which prevents degeneration, and cartilage loss, also improves joint flexibility, reduces stiffness, and protects joint health by enhancing bone formation and reducing bone loss.

This way you can return to your favorite activities, like spending a day with your kids in the park, gardening, hiking, jogging or anything that you truly love. No limitations.

Improves immune function and overall health

Turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties and will strengthen your immune system and protect your body against illnesses caused by pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

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How much Curcumin does each capsule have?
One serving size (1 veggie capsule) contains 500mg of Curcugen® (Curcuma longa extract)

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Will Vitaliv Turmeric x39 work for someone my age?
Yes, Vitaliv Turmeric x39 works for women and men of any age beyond 18. Your results don't depend on your age but on constancy. It is essential to take your supplements for at least three weeks to reach optimal nutrient levels and continue taking them for several months to preserve the balance.

For lactating and pregnant women, a doctor's consultation is required to meet their specific needs.

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How soon can I see results from Vitaliv Turmeric x39?
Considering that each of our bodies is unique, results may vary. Some of our customers started experiencing results within 2 weeks, but it typically takes 6 to 8 weeks.

We recommend taking Vitaliv Turmeric x39 for 8 weeks in order to enjoy the benefits.

Remember, сonstancy is KEY.

Additionally, during the first few uses, most customers tend to experience:

  1. Increased energy levels and elevated mood
  2. Reduced morning stiffness and discomfort
  3. Lower pain levels

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Is Vitaliv Turmeric x39 really natural?
Yes, Vitaliv Turmeric x39 is made with premium, all-natural, and organic ingredients.

On top of that, Vitaliv Turmeric x39 is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility right here in the United States. This means that the highest safety standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that you receive a high-quality product.

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Does Vitaliv Turmeric x39 have any side effects?
Vitaliv Turmeric x39 is enjoyed by thousands of customers, and is not known to have any major side effects.

Vitaliv Turmeric x39 is made using ingredients that are carefully selected by professional nutritionists who specialize in dietary supplements to ensure safety and efficiency. It is a source of organic, high-quality and natural ingredients.

However, if you by chance experience any negative side effects, please stop consumption and consult your doctor. If you are on medication or suffer from any health conditions, please consult with your doctor regarding the consumption of any supplements.

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Does Vitaliv Turmeric x39 contain any nuts, soy, gluten, dairy, shellfish or other allergens?
No, Vitaliv Turmeric x39 doesn’t contain any of the above ingredients.

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Is it safe to take Vitaliv Turmeric x39 if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
While Vitaliv Turmeric x39 is generally safe to consume, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor first before taking it if you're currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Can I take Vitaliv Turmeric x39 if I’m on medication?
If you are on medication or suffer from any health conditions, please consult with your doctor before taking any supplement.

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Is this a safe purchase?
Yes, any order placed on this page is secure and encrypted.

There are no hidden charges or hidden subscriptions associated with your purchase. You will only be billed once and according to the final price displayed on the checkout page.

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What countries can you ship to?
We deliver within US territory.

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How much is the shipping?

We offer FREE shipping within US territory on orders over $60. For orders up to $60, the cost of shipping is $8.

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When will I receive my order?
You can expect to receive your order within 1-5 business days depending on your location. Delivery is carried out by UPS / USPS to PO boxes or directly to your door. A receipt and tracking number will be sent to your email address after purchase or you can track the order through our Vitaliv app.

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How do I store Vitaliv Turmeric x39?
Refrigeration is not required to store Vitaliv Turmeric x39. It is shelf-stable for up to 2 years upon manufacture date. Do store it in a cool and dry place.

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How often do I have to take Vitaliv Turmeric x39? How big is the capsule? What do they taste like?
Vitaliv Turmeric x39 capsules are easy to swallow and cause no burping.

Take 1-2 capsules of Vitaliv Turmeric x39 with a big glass of water twice a day 20-30 minutes before a meal.

Customers have reported that this is the only turmeric supplement that is tasteless and odorless.

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I know Vitaliv Turmeric x39 is backed by science but what if it doesn’t work for me? Is there a guarantee?
We’re so confident in the results women and men like yourself have enjoyed to date, we offer a 100%, no questions asked, no hassle whatsoever, 180-day guarantee on all our products.

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with Vitaliv Turmeric x39, simply send us back the bottles and you will receive a full refund - shipping charges excluded. A claim must be made within 30 days after the 180-day intake period.

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Is Vitaliv Turmeric x39 available anywhere else? Can I buy it at my local supplement store?
Vitaliv Turmeric x39, is available to purchase only through our website and mobile app.

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How long will the discounted packages be available?
You can get a discount on all Vitaliv products through our Premium Membership which costs only $49 yearly. With a Premium Membership, you can shop our products at a 30% discount and save up to $200-400 a year by supporting the whole family's health and purchasing all at once.

We also offer the purchase of different bundles at bargain prices with free shipping included.

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180 Days 100% No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee


Research has found that this powerful supplement for joint support, joint and muscle recovery, delivers the best results with regular use.

However, in the unlikely event you don’t feel a positive difference after taking Turmeric X39, we refuse to keep even a cent of your money.

Just let us know within 180 days and we'll refund you in full.

No quibbles. Just your money back. There's absolutely ZERO risk to giving Turmeric X39 a try!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 430 reviews
Olivia B
Amazing turmeric supplement

I've been dealing with joint pain for years, and I've tried so many different supplements with little to no success. I was skeptical when I heard about Turmeric X39, but decided to give it a try after reading the positive reviews. I'm so glad I did! Within a few months of taking this supplement, I noticed a good results. I'm so grateful for this supplement and highly recommend it to anyone dealing with joint pain

Robert H.
Quick relief

Turmeric X39 has exceeded my expectations. I've tried numerous joint supplements in the past, but this one is by far the best. The fact that it's 39X more absorbed and doesn't have Bioperine means I'm getting all the benefits without any discomfort. And the high quality of the product is evident.

Ethan C.
Fast results

As someone who has been dealing with joint pain for years, I'm always on the lookout for new supplements that can help alleviate my symptoms. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon Turmeric X39 - it's truly been a lifesaver for me. Within just a few weeks of starting to take it, I noticed a significant improvement in my joint pain and overall mobility. What's more, it's easy to swallow and doesn't upset my stomach like some other supplements I've tried. I can't recommend this product enough - if you're struggling with joint pain, give Turmeric X39 a try!

David B.
Best joint supplement

I was hesitant to try another joint supplement, but I'm so glad I tried Turmeric X39. The fact that it's 39X more absorbed and doesn't have Bioperine means I'm getting all the benefits without any discomfort. And it's easy to swallow, which is a huge plus for me.