What Exactly is it That Causes Joint Pain?

It's Time to Face the Enemy

  • If you suffer from nagging pain and discomfort in your joints, listen up. This may be the most important message about your joint pain you’ve ever read...
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  • That’s because there is a natural way. And in the next few minutes I will show you study after study that proves this… Best of all, it’s available to you right now.
  • You see, the pain in your knees, hips, fingers, elbows, and back is just a symptom. A symptom of a much bigger problem… In just a moment you will learn the real reason for your pain and how to cut it at the root.
  • Believe it or not, the pain in your joints is not a sign of a lack of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. It’s certainly not a symptom of a lack of pain medication…
  • No. The truth is: supplements like Glucosamine and Chondroitin are making the problem worse.
  • And that’s because they don’t treat the problem but merely mask it. It’s like putting a bandaid on a knife wound. It’s not good. To tackle your joint pain, you have to address the problem that’s causing it.

The Real Cause Of Your Pain

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  • Here’s what current science says: inflammation causes joint pain.
  • Where does the inflammation come from?
  • You see, your body is made up of about 50-100 trillion cells. And your body creates new cells all the time. It also cleans up the dead cells all the time. It all happens behind the scenes without you even knowing it.1
  • And there is a LOT of cleaning to do. About 300 million cells die every minute in your body! That’s about half of the entire Europe’s population.
  • And here’s the important part. When cells die they signal the “clean up crew” (white blood cells) to come and clean the dead cell away. And to do this they use chemical signals called “Cytokines”.2
  • The problem is: cytokines cause inflammation. Lots of it.
  • At first, this inflammation protects you. It increases the blood flow to the area and may result in redness and warmth. The increased blood flow helps the “clean up crew” to clear away the damaged cells as fast as possible.
  • But here’s where the trouble begins. Dead cells and cytokines must be cleared away — the faster, the better. If they are not cleared away, then they keep causing more and more inflammation.3

How The Hidden Cause Is Spreading To Healthy Areas

  • This inflammation then spreads to healthy areas.
  • All the inflammation and cytokines confuse the “clean up crew”…
  • It goes crazy and begins to “clean up” (attack) the healthy cells from your bones and joints4.
  • If that’s not bad enough…
  • It gets worse… inflammation creates painful friction in your joints, because the joints swell up and rub against each other. It wears out your precious cartilage and leaves you suffering in pain.
  • And that’s not even all inflammation does… It also lessen the amount of synovial fluid between your joints.
  • Synovial fluid is like oil in your car engine. It’s the stuff that keeps your joints from wearing out. It lubricates, absorbs shock, and provides comfort for your joints.
  • Two recent (2015, 2017) studies by Stanford University prove it. They found that inflammation decreases the amount of synovial fluid in your joints. And not by a little, but by a LOT.5
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  • Here you can see how the blue arrows (inflammation) drains the joint of synovial fluid, leaving the joint rubbing bone-on-bone. See the black arrow? That’s where the “clean-up crew” has begun to attack the healthy bone. All it takes is a few days of severe inflammation. 6
  • So now that you know what causes your painful joints, how can you deal with it?
  • The answer is simple. If you want to forget about your joint pain you must first defeat the inflammation. If you don’t, you are making your problem worse every single day.

Why Glucosamine and Chondroitin Are of No Use for Joint Pain

  • As you already know: Inflammation eats away at your joints and dries them up. 7
  • And while your joints are inflamed, they will be stiff and sore no matter how much Glucosamine you consume. That’s because your joints rub together and your white blood cells (the “clean up crew”) attack everything in sight.8
  • Your body is always rebuilding itself. And Glucosamine pills are like extra bricks (not that you need any more bricks) that your body can use to build your joints. Trouble is that this rebuilding is ineffective when you have inflammation.
  • Imagine trying to build a brick wall, one brick at a time. And every time you put a few bricks down the inflammation comes in with a wrecking ball and knocks a hole in your wall.9
  • It’s a losing battle. Unless you deal with inflammation, you won’t get far.
  • So how do you hold inflammation in its tracks? Simple. By giving your body the tools it needs to fight back.

THIS Really Holds Pain From Coming Back

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  • A recent study published in the prestigious Journal of Immunology finally has some conclusive answers. In fact, this study is so recent (16th of March 2018) that most doctors won’t find out about it until years later.10, 11
  • So, what did they find?
  • They found a tool that was used for centuries to fight inflammation and pain.
  • This tool is Curcumin — the active ingredient in the Indian spice turmeric.
  • And this is not the only study. Right now there are more than 1,300 studies that support the healing properties of Curcumin12.
  • So what does Curcumin do, exactly?
  • Researchers believe that Curcumin works by radically reducing the cytokine levels in your body . (Remember: Cytokines are the inflammation-causing chemical signals).13
  • Studies continue to praise the healing properties of Curcumin. All because of the speed at which Curcumin decreases inflammation levels in the brain, skin, and other organs . And less inflammation means less pain, less damage, and better healing.14
  • Curcumin is like a tool for the “clean up crew”. A tool that makes it easy for your body to identify the dead cells and protect the healthy ones . And then it helps to minimize your body of inflammation.15

Some Of the People Taking Curcumin for Joint Pain Have Said:

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    My pain is almost gone in my left knee.

    Ethan K.

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    It is inexpensive and very effective in helping to maintain the health of my joints. More people should use it!

    Charly P.

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    Walking upstairs is now less painful. Curcumin has worked well and my joints become much more flexible.

    Mona A.

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    Having much stronger bicycle rides with quicker recuperation time afterwards

    Valery R.

**We cannot guarantee any specific (such as the above) result.

  • But that’s not all…
  • A study by Federal University in Santa Maria, Brazil found something even more powerful for fighting inflammation. It’s a combination of Curcumin & Ginger Root. When combined in the right proportions they demonstrated a potency increase by up to 211%!16
  • It’s like an inflammation-fighting super team. Curcumin & Ginger Root act in similar ways. In fact, it’s no surprise since they both come from the same family of plants.
  • So science says: if you want to fight inflammation, try ginger root and curcumin.

Why Joint Supplements Have Let You Down Before

  • You see, many of us have tried and failed with supplements before.
  • You may even have tried a bottle or two of joint supplements and experienced little to no effect… Maybe you have even tried Curcumin.
  • I’ve been there... It feels like a waste of your time and money, right? I see this all the time and the reason for this lack of effect is simple: bioavailability.
  • Or in other words, it’s a lack of absorption.
  • You see, your body absorbs almost all the nutrients from a whole food item like an apple. But supplements come in such concentrated form that your body struggles to absorb all of it.
  • Luckily, this problem can be solved. It's easy and all it takes is piperine.
  • Piperine is an extract from the black pepper. And the most studied and clinically tested form is Bioperine.
  • Bioperine is like a little factory conveyor belt. It helps to prepare all of the nutrients and then delivers them where they matter the most — your bloodstream.
  • As an added bonus: Bioperine has been shown to increase your metabolism and burn fat!
  • It’s a handy little tool that helps with absorption of all nutrients. Yet it has a special relationship with Curcumin. A recent clinical study done at St. John’s Medical College has shown the absorption of Curcumin increased by a whopping 2000%.17

That’s 20 times more effective 18

  • If you have tried other joint supplements before and had no effect, then this is the missing link!
  • So with the Flexibility Power Formula of Curcumin and Ginger Root you would already be on the right track for joint pain relief…
  • And with added Bioperine you could ensure that you absorb the nutrients.

So What Can You Do Today to Help Relieve Your Painful Joints?

  • Fortunately, that’s an easy question to answer. It requires a powerful inflammation-killing supplement. One that’s tailor-made for the sole purpose of supporting your joints and one manufactured to the absolute highest standards possible.
  • After many years — and tens of thousands of dollars invested — a team of joint pain researchers has finally developed the first state-of-the-art, anti-inflammation formulation.
  • One that produces consistent pain-relieving results across the greatest number of people—and is still affordable to anyone who values the health of their joints. They call it Turmeric & Ginger (with BioPerine®).
  • It’s the only 21st century super formulation created specifically to give your joints the protection they need. By combining Curcumin, Ginger Root together with Bioperine, Turmeric & Ginger (with BioPerine®) provides maximum support for your joint health.
  • That's joint pain relief round the clock, 365 days a year, without fail.
  • So…You’re getting the maximum, pain-relieving benefit for your bones and joints…

Where To Get This Formula

  • Now you may think that creating a formula that promises to provide fast, effective, and side-effect-free joint pain relief would cost an arm and a leg… highest standards possible.
  • Truthfully, getting each of these ingredients at the proper doses is expensive.
  • So… If you walk into a drug store today and buy the same joint supplements, you’d pay no less than $35-45.
  • But even then, you could not guarantee that each of the ingredients would:
  • 1. Be of high-enough quality to actually do what they are supposed to (because most natural products are not standardized).

    2. Be in the right proportions for each ingredient to work synergistically (Meaning that the formula is far more powerful than each of the individual components on their own)

  • For this reason, a small company with 8 years of history, whose name is Vitaliv developed Turmeric & Ginger (with BioPerine®). Their mission: to bring this powerful joint relief formula to those who need it most at prices everyone can afford.
  • So, let’s recap: each capsule of Vitaliv's Turmeric & Ginger contains all three of the powerful, anti-inflammatory agents: Curcumin, Ginger Root, and BioPerine. The exact ratio of each.
  • Together this is the most powerful formula available today for relieving painful joints. Bar none!
  • So right now you have the opportunity to transform the quality of your life. All it takes is a small investment in your health. And you will reap the benefits for years to come. And no, you won’t have to invest $45.
  • Or $40.
  • No, when this Norwegian company set out to make this product affordable they meant it. So your investment in this formula will not even be $35 or $30.
  • Nope, this science-based joint formula is available to you at the super price…

Only $24.50 per pack!

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The Story Of You

  • Imagine this: you’ve just taken your first dose of Turmeric & Ginger (with BioPerine®). The easy-to-swallow capsules make it fast, convenient, and hassle-free.
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  • As you go about your day, you’ll later realise you didn’t need to strain as much, and that daily tasks are easier to complete, even in the late afternoon.
  • You’ll feel more endurance and stamina throughout the day, almost as if the hands of the clock are moving backwards. Stiffness and soreness will become less aggravating, as you become more limber.More flexible.
  • Then one day, it will all sink in. The moment where you look back and see how far you’ve come in such a short time. How much your body was ravaged by joint pain for decades. You’ll see it clearly now that you’ve helped your joints and realize that you finally feel the way you’ve longed to feel for years and years.
  • You may even think they were lost years, because you were burdened by fatigue and discomfort — yet, that’s over now. Now, you can live with the vigor and vitality you’ve been denied.
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